Katarzyna Pietroń



The scope of assistance:

I conduct psychological consultations (a single meeting in order to diagnose the problem and indicate the possible directions of assistance) and short and long-term therapy. I offer my assistance to adults, couples and families.

I provide help to people who:

  • experience difficulties in relations with other people
  • observe decrease in their activity, loss of interest in pleasure, feel an aversion towards activity
  • suffer from anxiety disorders (phobias, panic disorders, social phobia, obssesive-compulsive disorders)
  • experience stress, nervousness
  • are in a difficult life situation and need support and help
  • have somatic diseases, struggle with pain problems, isnomnia
  • want to change their life
  • want to know themselves better, understand their choices



I belive that we all have a potential and resourses that will permit us make our lives extraordinary. The difficulties experienced throughout life are an element of growth.The therapeutic process is accompanying in search for an individual way, finding our own responses to the questions that we ask, discovering the sources of our strenght and power.